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Strange caribou companion

85 Points

Vintage ullapool caber

158 Points

Genuine bolgan family crest

41 Points

Bread box

1,301 Points

Rooftop wrangler stickybomb launcher minimal wear

29 Points

Strange law

417 Points

Strange blast defense

75 Points

Strange festive grenade launcher

940 Points

Haunted dead little buddy

107 Points

The frag proof fragger

187 Points

Haunted unknown monkeynaut

138 Points

Strange elf esteem

43 Points

Specialized killstreak frying pan

502 Points

Civic duty mk ii stickybomb launcher field tested

12 Points

Haunted bat outta hell

190 Points

Spine chilling skull

717 Points

The toadstool topper

121 Points

Genuine noise maker koto

150 Points

Haunted boo balloon

107 Points

Duck billed hatypus

179 Points

The war eagle

496 Points

Genuine human cannonball

128 Points

Killstreak tide turner

163 Points

Voodoo juju

872 Points

Haunted pickled paws

46 Points

Coffin nail stickybomb launcher well worn

12 Points

Melody of misery

46 Points

Carpet bomber stickybomb launcher field tested

31 Points

Mann of the seven sees

303 Points

Strange winter woodsman

216 Points

Killstreak quickiebomb launcher

71 Points

Strange iron bomber

308 Points

Socked and loaded

70 Points

Bomb beanie

70 Points

Outta sight

121 Points

Strange claidheamh mor

32 Points

Shin shredders

119 Points

Rooftop wrangler stickybomb launcher field tested

27 Points

Butcher bird grenade launcher field tested

31 Points

Haunted spooky sleeves

326 Points