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Phobos filter

41 Points

Strange flame thrower

49 Points

Burning beanie

48 Points


734 Points

Genuine companion cube pin

31 Points

Strange reserve shooter

32 Points

Genuine crosslinker s coil

39 Points

The tundra top

41 Points

Vintage homewrecker

14 Points

Vintage stockbroker s scarf

26 Points

Vintage foster s facade

43 Points

Summer shades

163 Points

Bill s hat

721 Points

Vintage pyrovision goggles

19 Points

Vintage backburner

14 Points

Vintage axtinguisher

10 Points

Mann co store package

41 Points

Vintage flare gun

12 Points

Secret saxton

14 Points

Flammable favor

61 Points

Backwoods boomstick shotgun minimal wear

41 Points

Backwoods boomstick shotgun well worn

29 Points

Haunted unknown monkeynaut

138 Points

Lightning rod shotgun well worn

32 Points

Civic duty shotgun battle scarred

17 Points

Specialized killstreak frying pan

449 Points

Killstreak rainblower

78 Points

The burning question

131 Points

Turbine torcher flame thrower well worn

29 Points

Haunted bat outta hell

190 Points

Flash fryer flame thrower field tested

65 Points

Spine chilling skull

717 Points

Genuine noise maker koto

150 Points

Strange specialized killstreak degreaser

449 Points

The toadstool topper

121 Points

Haunted fallen angel

207 Points

Haunted boo balloon

107 Points

Forest fire flame thrower well worn

31 Points

Duck billed hatypus

179 Points

Haunted exorcizor

184 Points