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Forest fire flame thrower minimal wear

31 Points

Genuine neon annihilator

34 Points

Nutcracker flame thrower well worn

17 Points

Genuine human cannonball

128 Points

Lightning rod shotgun battle scarred

29 Points

Voodoo juju

872 Points

Haunted tail from the crypt

126 Points

Strange space diver

160 Points

Haunted plutonidome

131 Points

Haunted coffin kit

85 Points

Strange winter woodsman

216 Points

Festive flame thrower

189 Points

Lightning rod shotgun minimal wear

34 Points

Socked and loaded

70 Points

Strange detonator

43 Points

The festive axtinguisher

80 Points

Turbine torcher flame thrower minimal wear

31 Points

The hunter in darkness

168 Points

Genuine cockfighter

277 Points

Genuine marxman

286 Points

Taunt zoomin broom

809 Points

Barely melted capacitor

46 Points

Killstreak flare gun

56 Points

Haunted rump o lantern

65 Points

Fireman s essentials

41 Points

The hot huaraches

71 Points

Pocket saxton

49 Points

Strange manmelter

37 Points

The mishap mercenary

209 Points

The patriot peak

201 Points

Genuine mark of the saint

77 Points

Woolen warmer

97 Points

Strange panic attack

63 Points

Max s severed head

7,735 Points

Festive shotgun

90 Points

Coffin nail flame thrower field tested

15 Points

Hovering hotshot

34 Points

Nutcracker flame thrower field tested

14 Points

D eye monds

77 Points

The cranial carcharodon

66 Points