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Haunted wraith wrap

156 Points

The face of mercy

66 Points

Prehistoric pullover

170 Points

Nasty norsemann

49 Points

Strange scorch shot

68 Points

A head full of hot air

37 Points

Strange handy canes

41 Points

Forest fire flame thrower field tested

29 Points

Genuine warsworn helmet

313 Points

Strange rust botkiller flame thrower mk i

78 Points

Strange silver botkiller flame thrower mk ii

75 Points

Genuine shred alert

734 Points

Haunted bonedolier

109 Points

Genuine scrap pack

116 Points

Genuine mk 50

201 Points


85 Points

Civic duty shotgun well worn

15 Points

Genuine whale bone charm

44 Points

Turbine torcher flame thrower field tested

31 Points

Genuine awesomenauts badge

41 Points

Civic duty shotgun minimal wear

15 Points

The ebenezer

236 Points

Sledder s sidekick

265 Points

Genuine baronial badge

46 Points


70 Points

The croaking hazard

119 Points

The chill chullo

100 Points

Genuine sharpened volcano fragment

75 Points

Reader s choice

48 Points

The hot case

131 Points

Genuine croft s crest

37 Points

Strange flare gun

151 Points

Genuine hitt mann badge

46 Points

Genuine nostromo napalmer

413 Points

Strange shotgun

153 Points

Strange silver botkiller flame thrower mk i

90 Points

Haunted voodoo cursed pyro soul

138 Points

Festive flare gun

100 Points

Strange sweet smissmas sweater

122 Points

Strange tundra top

87 Points